Dealing With Change

For most people, a bit of change is welcome.  It’s revitalizing.  However, for someone with bipolar disorder, it can stop one in one’s tracks.  It can immobilize you.  You can be doing fine for 1 or even 2 hours preparing for a houseful of company, family actually.  Then the mood change triggers, in this case 2 of them being change and overstimulation, immobilizes you.  Then the fear of not being prepared on time triggers a deeper mood change.  Depression starts to eat away at the edges of your day and so the cycle snowballs.

I haven’t figured out how to help myself through this one yet.  The best I can  do is to let it happen and not fight it.  I give in and distract myself with something else I can do.  If I can’t do anything then I’ll check email or do a puzzle.  You get the idea.  I give myself some breathing room.

Our family is coming whether I’m ready or not.  I’ll know I gave it my very best.  It’s all I can do.

Whatever your situation, give it your best.  Then your opinion is the only one that counts.  That relieves a lot of pressure.

Godspeed,        J

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  1. Good luck with your day! And of course, good luck every day with handling your mood swings =]

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